Drug Discovery AI Platform

The curated data-set available in the data lab contains comprehensive list of compounds, bio-markers, launched drugs, drugs that reached different phases of clinical development, compounds that were previously approved but withdrawn from use, mechanism of actions, proteins, target genes and more. These data-sets help find potential drug re-purposing  and discovery opportunities to improve disease for treatments.

Artificial Intelligence Lab

20+ robust Deep learning algorithms and infrastructure designed for computational analysis and predictions.
Healthcare customers do not have to write machine learning programs anymore. We help you produce better outcomes by reducing time and cost in drug discovery and Drug re-positioning life cycle.

Disease Prediction

The health care industry collects huge amounts of data that contain some hidden information, which is useful for making effective predictions in the area of preventive diagnostics. Algorythmz effort is to create well-being by creating predictive system that alerts healthcare providers and patients well in advance to lessen the impact of disease, financial and emotional burden.

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